Fall 2011 Final Exams for High School Home Study-January 9-12, 2012

November 29, 2011

It’s hard to believe, but we’re rapidly approaching the end of the fall 2011 semester. With the end of the semester comes final exams for high school home study and iLearn Online students as well as middle school students taking Algebra I or greater.

This year, the exams will be held January 9-12, 2012 at 4 different locations–the Murrieta Center, the San Diego Learning Center, the Julian Charter main office in Julian, and a desert location (TBD).

The listed end times are when the students should be finishing up their exams for the day. There are no set days for subjects – students are able to come at any time (as long as they are finished by the end time listed) during any day that the exams are offered at a certain location for any exam.

Some important reminders for students taking exams – PLEASE READ!

  • No cell phones allowed at all during testing.  Please have cell phone ringers silenced (or phones turned off) and put in the student’s pocket, purse, backpack.  If a proctor sees a cell phone for any reason it will be taken away and the student can get it back when they leave for the day.
  • No ear phones, ear buds, music device of any kind.
  • No talking during exams.  We assume that students are not talking about the exams, but talking is disturbing to those around the talkers, so please don’t do it.  If a student is talking there will be no warnings – a proctor will move the students so they are no longer together.
  • Exams need to be taken in 1 sitting.  If a student is taking an exam they need to finish it before leaving for the day or taking a break.
  • Students are able to take exams all in 1 day, spread out over the entire week, or a few days – whatever is best for the student.
  • Students are to sit 1 person to a table until the tables are filled and then they can start doubling up.

If there are any questions please call/email your EF or MSS.  Thank you and good luck!