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Julian Charter School, a public charter school authorized by the California State Board of Education for distance learning, became independently incorporated in July 2000. The school is a public school sponsored by the Julian Union School District in San Diego County, California.

Julian Charter School Charter (PDF)

The Program

The school employs teachers who are state-credentialed educators within the State of California to work with parents and students to design an individual instruction plan that fits the students’ learning style and educational goals. Student instructional programs may be designed to prepare the student to enter the work force or continue their education at a college of their choice. This school is publicly funded and fully credentialed to confer high school diplomas by the State of California and the Julian School District.
We serve students in San Diego County, and two counties contiguous to San Diego County: Orange County and Riverside County.


In May 2010, Julian Charter School was granted a 6 year accreditation term by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) with a mid-term review.


Legally bound to hold students accountable to the California State Content Standards, Julian Charter Independent Study Teachers, at the beginning and end of each semester, check the student’s progress against a list of appropriate content standards. This process includes parents and students as partners in the educational process and in the academic expectations of the school and of the State of California.


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

On-site Classes

During the 2002-2003 school year, Julian Charter School opened its first JCS Learning Center in Temecula Valley. The learning center currently serves students in the Temecula Valley and upper Riverside area. Students in grades K-12 supplement their independent study program with a wide range of academic and enrichment courses taught by credentialed staff. The program has expanded to off-site locations in Riverside and Orange County. In addition, Julian Charter School offers academic and enrichment classes at our San Diego Learning Center. The school has the vision of continuing to add more permanent learning center facilities by extending into Orange County and the Desert area. These expansions will come as participation and need increases.

In the 2005-2006 school year, JCS opened its first Academy program. With seven Academy sites in Encinitas (2), San Diego, Alpine, Pine Valley, and Temecula (2), we are proud to offer another alternative to the traditional school program. The Academy is an all-inclusive program that serves students in grades K-8 or 6-12 (dependent upon location). Please visit the Academy web pages for more information about this wonderful educational opportunity.

Curricular Program

Due to the distance learning nature of the school, there is no official extra-curricular program. In each geographic area, however, local specialists, as a part of the school program, offer classes and experiences in topics from art to agriculture. In addition, JCS students participate in a variety of club and group activities, including 4-H, scouts, YMCA programs, youth groups, club and team sports, etc. Many students are active in these activities at the leadership level.


With nearly 2,200 students in three counties, Julian Charter School has a faculty of approximately 100 full time and part time credentialed teachers, many of whom hold a Master’s Degree or higher.


Julian Charter School is a member of APLUS+, the Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services, an organization dedicated to promoting the personalized Learning model of education.

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